Manhattan Beach Studios Welcomes Madison Elementary School!

Manhattan Beach Studios Welcomes Madison Elementary School!

Manhattan Beach Studios invited teachers and students from Madison Elementary School to learn about production. It was an exciting day on the MBS lot! We provided a tour and taught them video production by letting our local students star in a virtual set on the campus of Manhattan Beach Studios! It was a blast hosting 50 kids from the local elementary school and letting them try green screen and multi camera productions.

Teachers And Students Tour Manhattan Beach Studios

We started off the morning with a tour of the America’s Funniest Home Videos stage on the lot. The kids were able to see and experience what it was like to be behind the scenes of the show. We then ventured over to the New York Street and the kids posed for a fun picture!

Manhattan Beach Studios and the MBS Media Campus lot is a hidden gem of the South Bay. One of the most technologically advanced lots in the world, the Campus hosts productions such as Avatar and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Elementary School Learns Video Production

After a tour of the Media Campus, we welcomed Madison Elementary to our own sound stage. We had two stations set up for them. One allowed them to sit in front of a green screen and interview each other and pretend they were news anchors for Madison Elementary. We had a live feed of each interview set up in our lobby where the kids were able to watch each other’s interviews. We also had a station set up like a talk show with multiple cameras and our crew asked the kids some questions to answer on camera. Every student had a chance to experience these productions and our studio was filled with giggles and smiles!

Welcome home!

If you’re interested in planning your own tour, especially if you have a production in mind, let us know. We have lots of community events, open houses, networking opportunities and even our very own Photographer’s Playground. Call us or drop us a note at 310-727-2900 or We’d love to see you!

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