Rate Card, Production and Gear Packages
Check out the Stage! Visit, work or let us help you in your commercial, product or portrait photography and video needs. We offer world class live streaming and production. Our stage is among the most versatile and well-equipped anywhere in the world. Let us know how we can help!
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Rate Card, Production and Gear Packages

MBS Rate Card and Production Packages

Please download the rate card here: STUDIO INFO and FAQ

Some things to note:

1. As we are an entirely enclosed soundstage, no filming permit is required.
2. All rentals include: C-stands, Stand Heads and Arms, Sandbags, Apple Boxes
3. Amenities include: Kitchen Access Coffee/Tea/Water Dispenser, Microwave, Toaster
4. Late exits are charged at 1.5x applicable hourly rate for first 2 hours, and 2x thereafter. If a firm exit was agreed upon, rate is 2.5x the hourly. Overage is charged in hourly increments starting ten minutes after commencement of the overage hour.
5. All rentals and reservations agree to abide by the STUDIO INFO and FAQ.

We can provide solutions to meet any reasonable budget. Reach out!

Main Stage – Open Stage 3-Wall White + Broadcast Stage

3 Wall Stage: 8FT x 12FT x 8FT Width / 8FT Flats, Grid at 10’, Ceiling at 12’
Stage includes: 5 Arri Skypanels on the Grid, Lighting Console

Broadcast News/Sports Stage: 18’ Width / 4 Screens / 86” Interactive TV / Infinite Custom Colors & Configurations
Stage includes: 4 Key Panels, 4 Hair Lights, 2 Panels, 86” Interactive TV, RGB Border & Column Lights, Broadcast Desk (Additional), Lighting Console

Half Day (5 Hours)


Full Day (12 Hours)


Prep/Strike Day

20% Stage Discount

Broadcast Desk Rental


Stage Services/Options

We pride ourselves on our versatility – from the simple to the complex, let’s work together to see how we could make miracles happen!

Stage Manager

$45.00/hour (4-hour min, 8-12 hrs @1.5x, 12@2x rate. Required after 6pm, during weekends and project dependent.


Highly-experienced crew available.

PA @ $350/day
Teleprompter with Operator @ $600/day
Cam ops @ $750/day
DP @ $1250/day
Tech Direction/DIT/Broadcast Van – $1600/day

Specialty services such as production coordination, line production, hair and makeup, Steadi-cam and crane operators, audio technicians, and more are available.

Green/Edit Room Add-On


Sofa/Furniture on Site


Stage Power


C-stands, Stand Heads and Arms, Sandbags, Apple Boxes


Internet (est. 200Upx200Down)


Parking/Cars on Lot



2 Included ($16/thereafter)


4 Chairs/4 Stools Included

Others Included as Available

Directors Chairs and Folding Chairs available to rent


Included weekday business hours
$85/hour nights and weekends (4 hr min)


Large bin for ongoing shows – $45/month
Full shelf – $350/month
Additional offsite storage available – Ask!


Included (non-bulk)

Cleaning and Damage

Producer is required to ensure that stage is returned to rental condition. Cleaning fees and repair/re-paint costs may apply.

Production Packages

We have designed our packages to capitalize on our unique strengths, from our broad knowledge base and experience to our unique expertise in live recording, real-time editing and speed-to-market.

Full Production Services

Starting at $4550/day.

The base rate includes:

  • full day studio rental
  • full access to all amenities
  • three on-site professionals
  • broadcast camera package
  • broadcast audio package
  • control van
  • recorders
  • teleprompter package

Options for additional labor, catering, parking, consumables, specialized gear, etc.

Podcast Services

Our podcast services are highly flexible. From graphics to recording, live editing and delivery, we can go on just a few hours notice. The following is a sample starting point.

Single episode (1hr – $450 including:
setup, comms, control room, direction and delivery – along with 3 cameras, audio, graphics and live edit.

Discounts on multiple episodes per session, monthly and yearly packages as well as revenue sharing opportunities.

Get started package: $1200

On Location Production, Recording and/or Streaming

We offer reasonably priced full broadcast options. Let us help!


$60 (est. 20 min) – Pro light, sound and cams and reading

Walk-In Studio Production Services

$225/hour – Pro light, sound and cams, teleprompter, etc.



On Site Gear

We have an amazing inventory of specialized gear! This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need something, ask – and let us help craft a solution for you!


1. 19” wide-angle teleprompter $150/day
2. PTZ teleprompter as part of the PTZ
broadcast package. An operator is needed
or can be provided by the Studio.

Broadcast Desk

$350/day – includes full color lights, chin
light, side accent lights and front screen

Panasonic Camera Package (DVX200) (3


Canon C300 II 3 Cam Pkg + 2
CN-e 18-80 lenses and 1 CN-e 70-200
lens. tripods, Cfast 2.0 Cards

$395/day (3 camera/3 lens package)

Canon CR-N500 (3) + CR-N300 PTZ Package + Skaarhoj PTZ Extreme, Teleprompter

$345/day (4 camera broadcast PTZ camera package with PTZ teleprompter) – familiarity with PTZ cameras and control is very helpful (in studio rental only)

PTZ Optics (2) – 12x+20x cams, SDI/HDMI/USB with HuddleCam Controller + RS232 Connectors


Robotic Controllers

ST4 – Pan, Tilt, Focus/IRIS/Zoom + extra
motors (incl Nucleus) – $185/day
2.6 – Controller for motors – $95/day
Programmable Turntable – $65
Motorized Dana Dolly w/ Head – $200


Dana Dolly – $25 (6’ Rails)
Cinevate (Flywheel) – $25
Optional Motorized, Programmable Kit

Specialty Cameras

Canon xf605 – $105/day
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k – $45/day
Insta 360 Pro 2 (8k 3D/360) – $140/day
Edgertronic High Speed Cam – $250/day
Canon R5
Canon 5ds
Canon 1dx II
Canon 1dx I


Rokinon 14mm Manual
Canon 16-35 f4
Canon 24-105 f4
Canon 24-70 II 2.8
Canon 17mm T/S
Canon 15 mm Fisheye
Canon 65mm Macro/Micro 1-5x 2.8
Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro
Canon 90mm T/S
Canon 135 f2
Canon 70-200mm III 2.8
Canon 70-200mm II 2.8
Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6
Canon 200-400 (+1.5TC) f4
Canon 400 2.8

Control Room (Broadcast Van)


Audio Package

Including zoom f8 recorder and (1) 2 Senn
heiser MKH50 booms, 4 Sennheiser EW-D
system with 4 lavs or 2 lavs/2 handhelds,
headphones OR (2) 2 Heil PR40 micro

Photography Package

Including 3 Einstein Flashes, trigger, re-
ceivers, cybercommander, soft box modifi-
ers and stands
OR – Profoto D2 1000 (2)

Rainbow Quasars (4) – 24”


Floor Lights

$25/each per day

Dedo Light



$75/day (2 available)

On-Set Monitoring

$20 – Directors Monitor
$20 – 65” TV
$20 – Atomos 7” Connect
$40 – Teradek Cube for Internal Monitoring
$40 per Teradek Bolt – 2 4k 750s, 1 3g 500
and 1 Teradek 1000

Dana Dolly System

$25/day 6’ Rail Slider
$75/day Motorized with Controller or Auto
mated solution – Perfect for Product, Inter
view or Timelapse solutions

Robotic Turntable, PT Head, Motor Sys-
tems for automation, timelapse, product,

$75/day Robotic Turntable for rotating
shots or interactive (shoot-move-shoot)

Big Turntable Rental

$150/day – 8’ manual turntable with 5 de
gree indentations

Product Photography Table

$75/day Large Product Table

Intercoms, Radios and IFBs

$10/radio, comm system $45/clearcom
box, IFB system – pls ask so we can configure

Remote Live Stream Setup

$150/day – including switcher, recorders,
network switch and flycase

Consulting and Education


Teradek Link/Cellular Bonder (Remote Internet)

$150/day + Bandwidth- 4 modems