Your South Bay
Sound Stage
Incredible Production Team and
Creative Space

Welcome to Manhattan Beach Studios. It’s our pleasure!

Your Southbay/LA/SoCal soundstage and production venue

Fully-equipped studio with lights, cameras and action

Unwavering focus on your social & marketing strategies

Built-in behind-the-scenes (BTS) social media solutions

A cozy creative space that feels like home

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Here is a small bit of what we do:

We are much more than a stage or a production company. Our value lies in our experience and client-oriented approach to helping to find solutions and opportunities. We work with influential brands and stay current with cutting-edge strategies. We stay on top of trends and gladly pass all of this knowledge on to you. We look good only when you look good.

Rent the Stage

Our state-of-the-art soundstage is a blank canvas to realize your vision. Shoot a scene, cast a film, teach a class, screen a movie, launch your brand or just work in an awesome creative space.

Video Production

Fully equipped soundstage with lights, cameras and experienced crew. We can take your idea to fruition from start to finish. Let us know how we can help.

Commercial/Product Photography

With two decades of specialty product experience, including web animations, MBS is the perfect space for your brand images!


YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and anywhere else you can think of. Live and live-to-tape audio and video options help get your content from concept to reality. Real time graphics and titles, call ins and more!

Video Anywhere!

Yup, our live stream options are completely mobile. Publicly or privately stream a wedding, graduation, concert, comedy show, funeral or anything that is important to you.

Pro Photo Services

Visit us for professional high quality head shots. We know how important this is, and take the time to make your session perfect!

Audition & Casting Videos

Visit us for your high quality, lightning fast, beautifully produced audition videos. We know how to help you get your next job!

360 and VR Photo/Video

From 360 tours to full 3D VR videos of your wedding, family dinner; we can preserve your space, event and family forever. Simply too cool!

Animated/Specialty Content

Need something to make your brand stand out? We do product rotation, high speed, slow motion, stop motion, animation and more.

Meet your super experienced team.

With the love for our work, our space and community, we have over 80 years of experience and believe our work speaks for itself. Welcome to your hometown studio. It’s our pleasure to meet you!


Creative strategist, photog and production.

Mark Nicholas


Photographer and software developer.

Randall Simms

Director of Photography

Creative video pro and social guru

Nicolas Putnam

Head of Production

Soundstage + Production Management

Lauren de Castro

Studio Manager

Video pro and sales.

Jeffrey Koven

Sales & Production
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We help people achieve big goals.

We work with the most awesome interesting people and projects every single day.

Our studio is a warm and personal space where ideas germinate and grow. We follow ideas down rabbit holes and open our minds. We are comfortable working on structured campaigns or out-of-the-box ideas. We look forward to meeting you.

Some of Our Wonderful Clients

Here are some of the folks we have had the pleasure working with: