Frequently Asked Questions
Check out the Stage! Visit, work or let us help you in your commercial, product or portrait photography and video needs. We offer world class live streaming and production. Our stage is among the most versatile and well-equipped anywhere in the world. Let us know how we can help!
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions… we have answers –

If you have other questions, send an email!

Do you have questions?

We have answers!  See below. Or call at 310-800-1999 if there is anything we can do to help you out!

How do I access the studio?

The studio is located at 1600 Rosecrans. The drive-on access is located at the corner of Redondo Blvd. and 33rd Street, accessed off of Rosecrans and Aviation, respectively. Provide your ID upon request and the security personnel will instruct you where to park. We are located in the Media Center, Building 7 on the far north side of the lot.

What are your Covid Compliance Requirements?

We are not doctors or scientists – we rely solely on the rules and regulations of the State of California, County of Los Angeles and City of Manhattan Beach. Use of masks, social distancing and productions are not made by us. We have a very flexible room as we are very well designed for compliance, but we take compliance seriously. The Campus has check-in rules. Please be sure to work with us and follow the requirements.

Monitoring, Remote Viewing, Social Distancing Capabilities

We take great pride in our ability to provide remote viewing opportunities and are uniquely suited for social distancing compliance. This is not a product of our times but rather our desire to provide clients an amazing experience with us in the studio. We can provide camera feeds to the lobby, to cell phones and computers and so forth. We can even provide a full set of evaluation tools to your designated teammates directly to their devices. Through the use of Zoom we can master and deliver an entire broadcast to your remote teams (with multiple cameras, graphics and more), and for more secure transmissions we utilize highly secure distribution technologies.

Click here for instructions on our remote monitoring setups and options:



What's the deal with rental agreements and insurance?

We need a rental agreement for productions and others who are responsible for the stage because (of course) we need to be protected from damage, but also because the campus and our insurance company require us to have an agreement release from our guests. See below for more information on insurance requirements.

Can you help with production?

Of course. We are pleased to help with your production. We have decades of experience in cameras, lighting and sound . To that point, we might even be able to provide a discount on the room charge if you use our production services. Just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Should I bring a jacket?

One important thing about sound stages, we like to keep the room cool. It’s better for everything production-related. And… people sweat less. We don’t have precise control over the temperature, but the AC can blow and the room can cool. We often suggest bringing a jacket for the downtime. The building, however, may not have the AC on during weekends and holidays. Should you be in the room during a ‘down day’, we can make arrangements for AC at a cost (we collect payment but pass it through to the campus).

Are there discounts available?

Our room is among the most affordable of its type anywhere in the region. Still, we do try to work within any budget. Let us know your budget and we will see how we can help you to meet your goals. Lastly, we will provide room discounts when we are providing production assistance. Call us and let’s chat!

Is there a dressing room and makeup station?

There is a dressing and makeup area behind the the three wall set. Some productions will add makeup stations on catering station and additional makeup and prep areas in the lobby and our private office space.

Can I have pets on set?

We are pet friendly. The lot does require advance notice and prior approval for well-behaved pets, as well as insurance, but rest-assured we take a great deal of pride in our pet-friendly environment.

What are the rules for children on set?

We love children. Still, minors must have a parent or legal guardian on set at all times.

What is the parking situation?

Parking can be a challenge on a busy lot like ours. We permit load-in/out right in front of our building, and also maintain five spots for the stage, two out front and three in the garage. In addition, there is a parking garage (typically a free valet is available), and a variety of off-campus options used for overflow. On a busy day we have upwards of 2000 cars looking to park on site, so please remember that we will always do the very best we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Can we rent the stage by the hour?

Yes, we are very flexible. In general, we require a three-hour minimum. Please remember that your rental includes your setup and breakdown and the room should be vacated and returned to rental condition at the conclusion of your time. For overages without prior agreement, we charge time and a half for advance notice overages during the work day and double time for end of day, nights and weekend overages, if we provided notice that your departure time is essential for another production.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We are very flexible when it comes to rental cancellations as we know that productions can be postponed for a variety of reasons. We provide a full refund for productions canceling with thirty days’ notice. For cancellations with seven days’ notice we will provide a full refund provided that we have not converted your reservation to a “lock” – which will happen if we have a competing offer for the space or other specific circumstance – and you guarantee your rental dates. For cancellations within seven days, we seek to work with you to adjust scheduling. Cancellations within 48 hours require full payment.  Notwithstanding all of the above, consider the following:


1. We love our clients and know that production dates can change. We value long term relationships and exist to make your lives as easy as possible. That’s not how we see you once, but how we see you again and again and again; and


2. If you cancel, and we have incurred expense or time on your behalf, regardless of when you cancel, we ask you to reimburse us for that expense. In other words, if we spend time researching, designing or acquiring a set, preparing the room, and so forth, we do ask you to cover those expenses and time.

Do you charge for utilities?

Electrical, internet and air conditioning is included in the rental price throughout the business day, but there is an extra charge for air conditioning during off-hours (nights and weekends) of $75/hour (this payment is charged by the lot).

What restaurants are nearby?

Oh my… where do we begin. We have our own cafe’ on the lot. They deliver and cater. We have a ton of restaurants and amenities surrounding the stage, including Coffee Bean, CVS, Pachenga, Tendergreens, Sushi, Il Fornia, Houstons, Shake Shack and much more. There are groceries and beverage stores within walking distance, and a short drive from our high-end mall, Fry’s Electronics, movies, etc.

Do you recommend any local hotels?

Our closest airport is Los Angeles International (10 minutes) and next closest airport is Long Beach Airport (17 miles). Both airports are easy access right off the freeways and are easy Uber/taxi rides should you decide not to rent a vehicle.

There are a number of hotels very close to the Studio but none in walking distance. Our top option, the Ayres Hotel, is reasonably priced, close by and quality. They charge our clients $179/night from Monday through Thursday, and $139/night from Friday to Sunday. Higher, but reasonable prices for Jr. and Executive Suites (taxes, etc. not included). They offer our clients complimentary high-speed internet and $10/day parking. Reservations may be made at (310) 536-0400.

Do we need our own insurance?

Yes. All renters must also have insurance covering liability and equipment and we do ask for certificates of insurance. If you can’t obtain one, we work with a vendor who provides reasonably priced policies. Please see our contract for details and click the following links to secure a policy:

Studio Rental

A link to our vendor who provides rental policy follows. General cost is $175 for one day, $300 for two days. Longer rentals may justify a short term policy (see below):

Equipment Rental

A link to our vendor equipment policies are below. General cost (for up to approx. $30k in equipment rentals) is $225 for a day, and equipment annual policies start at $450.

Short Term, Long Term and Specialty Policies

Recommended for clients renting the studio for 3 days or more, working out of multiple locations or in need more comprehensive coverages (i.e. workers compensation, rented auto):

Can we smoke on set?

We are a non-smoking facility. There is an area outside where folks light up.

You have an incredible facility and backlot. Can we film there?

Let us know what you desire. With advance planning we may be able to provide broader lot access, typically with a surcharge paid directly to the lot. Let us know!