Manhattan Beach Studios The Best Live Streaming Services

Manhattan Beach Studios The Best Live Streaming Services

Manhattan Beach Studios is the FASTEST when it comes to live streaming video & photo services! We are the BEST of the best, just see for yourself!

What Does MBS Live Stream?

Manhattan Beach Studios offers live streaming services for any and all live events. This includes weddings, college commencements, corporate conferences, sporting games, parades, etc! You name it, we stream it.

How is Manhattan Beach Studios So Fast?

Simply put, we come PREPARED! Everything is set and ready to go so 100% of our focus is on seamlessly streaming your video & final delivery. From start to finish, we make sure the visual and audio quality is to the best of our capability and your live stream runs smoothly for a great final product.

Why Does MBS Offer Live Streaming Services?

Because we know our clients want it NOW! You shouldn’t have to wait and our team will make sure of that. In a world of constant go-go-going and no slowing down, we get it. And we’re happy to deliver your final product asap!

Virtual Reality Live Streaming Too

That’s right, we also offer live streaming virtual reality services too! It can bring you to your favorite childhood home, to a beautiful lake, spectacular sunset, remote forest, or even to your grandchild’s graduation, family wedding, bar mitzvah or any other event you can imagine – live! These moments are available now to you – whether you just want to be there – watching on your television or mobile device, or wear glasses to provide the ultimate be-there technology – our service can give this experience to you. We combine incredible photography with audio that places you into the middle of the action. You can truly be There.

Let’s get streamin’ today! Contact us for a quote: 310-727-2900 or

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