Manhattan Beach Studios: Creating Your Social Media Content For Success!

Manhattan Beach Studios: Creating Your Social Media Content For Success!

Strong Content CreatorS

Manhattan Beach Studios team is your go-to team in creating original, strong and successful social media content to make your business thrive! Through polished videos, podcasts, to professional Youtube channels and livestreams, Manhattan Beach Studios will effectively strengthen your brand, business and product so you can gain the right customers for you and you’ll have fun while doing it!

Successful youtube Channels

Well-built visuals and audio are key ingredients in getting into the eyes and ears of your audience, especially when the content you are displaying for them is powerful and unique. We want to make sure we get this right and it’s very important to us that our team is creating content that specifically speaks to your target audience and followers.
UK Web Host’s Review in 2020 stated that “90% of internet users watch videos online and 51% of people use the internet to watch vlogs.” (
From experience with our clients, Youtube Channels are very effective and give a platform for you to speak directly to your consumer/audience. We make the process really quite fun and underwhelming by:

  1. Development/Preparation – helping you develop and plan for each episode (your vision, kind of content you’d like, we’ll create set up, titles in advance etc.) so everything runs smoothly
  2. Filming – We welcome you into our stage on the movie lot and we get rolling!
  3. Editing – Quick clean-ups for transitions and titles and it’s ready!
  4. Delivery – We have a very quick turnaround so you can share and post to your Youtube Channel as soon as the same day!

We’ve worked with some really great people over the years, particulary on creating their strong Youtube presence. One of many we adore is Sports Illustrated Photographer, Peter Read Miller! Check out an episode from his channel below:

Top-Notch Podcasts In South Bay Studio

Video speaks incredible volumes and it’s the most effective way to grab viewer’s attention. Our team at Manhattan Beach Studios keeps this in mind when starting every production, big or small. Mark & Nic keep your vision in mind and bring it to life to engage followers and peak viewer’s interest. They won’t scroll by your video on social media, it’ll be impossible for them not to tune in! According to Wordstream’s blog, “85% of the US internet audience watches videos online.”


Product videos, testimonials, company overviews… you name it we can do it! So let’s get started today! Check out our website or give us a call today: or 310-727-2900

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