Successful Video Marketing for Businesses

Successful Video Marketing for Businesses

Manhattan Beach Studios offers video marketing services to build your brand and grow your business. Marketing yourself with videos is a great way to be effective and successful, and to create a campaign that helps your company. Plus, it can be done with the help of real experienced pros at your local South Bay production studio! 

South Bay Studio Video Marketing

Video marketing has become an important tool in any business; it not only allows the consumer to see a more in depth look at your business, but it allows you to better develop your brand. With video marketing your clients can see the business and learn about those who work there. The world is changing, and using videography in business is a perfect way to move forward.

A strength of video marketing is that it is more personable and customizable than plain old text. Every business is unique, so each marketing video will have its own spin, and it will work towards the company’s strengths. 

Here are just a few ways to incorporate video marketing into your business:

YouTube For Businesses

  1. YouTube Channel for Businesses

By creating a YouTube Channel for your business, you can widen your audience, and create any video you desire. You can take the time to focus on the most important parts of your business or provide tips and tricks for your viewers. The great thing about YouTube is that basically everyone uses it, which will allow for a wider target audience. A channel will take time to build; however, the results will be worth it! With a YouTube channel, your business can incorporate some or all of the ideas that will be mentioned below. Remember to customize the channel to fit your brand perfectly.

  1. Promotional Video 

With a promotional video you can provide your consumers with a piece of your business and invite them to learn more. Promotional videos catch the eye and are incredibly appealing. These videos can be personable and make your client excited for what is in store for them. Promotional videos are usually short, so you do not have to worry about your viewers losing interest. A promotional video is the perfect way to introduce your business and brand!

  1. 360º Video: Walkthrough of Your Business/Product

360º photos and walkthroughs are the perfect way for a client to view your business or store from the comfort of their home. This is especially helpful at this time due to Covid-19 and social distancing. Clients can see what exactly your place has in store for them. For events venues, you can add the measurements which will help your viewers plan. There are multiple ways to successfully execute a 360º/walkthrough and we will work with you to bring these to fruition and best fit your company and brand!

  1. Video to Introduce Your Staff

This type of marketing will make the clients more comfortable and see who exactly they will be working with. These videos are personable and great for any size business: large companies become less ominous and small companies become more like family. Have the staff share stories or what they love about the company. Have them explain their roles and why those are necessary for the business to function. Introductory videos allow businesses to show off their amazing staff. 

  1. Q&As About Your Business

With a Q&A, you can answer your businesses most asked questions and go into more detail than you when writing it. A video will take more time but the effort is worth it. At the end of the video, welcome more questions and offer your help. If you create a YouTube channel, Q&A’s can be a series that will both engage your audience and make them feel heard!

Promote Your Brand, Company and Product

Here at Manhattan Beach Studios, we would be happy to help with any of these video marketing ideas or an idea that you come up with! We want to help you succeed and we want to hear from you! For more information call or email: Lauren de Castro at (617) 875-1487 / or Mark Nicholas at (310) 800-1999 /

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