Starting your own Podcast with Erica Mandy!

Starting your own Podcast with Erica Mandy!

Erica Mandy Talks about The Newsworthy Podcast and How to Start Your Own:

In this episode of ‘The Studio Life’ Erica Mandy gives tips on how to start a podcast. Her and the host, Mark Nicholas, talk tips on how to utilize an at home studio space and become successful in the podcast world. Erica is the host of ‘The NewsWorthy’ podcast, and it has been listed as a top 25 daily news podcast on Apple Podcasts, recommended as a ‘Best Podcast’ by Harper’s Bazaar, featured as a ‘Best News App’ by Fast Company, listed on Podcast Magazine’s Hot 50 podcast charts, seen as a ‘Can’t Miss’ podcast on Stitcher, and more. Erica Mandy left mainstream journalism to start The Newsworthy: an unbiased daily roundup of politics, tech, business and entertainment that makes it faster, easier and more fun to get all the news you need to know. Mark talks with Erica about the transition and some of the highs and lows along the way. They dive into some technical aspects as well as touch on some of the emotional ones.


‘The Studio Life’ – How to have a Successful Podcast

‘The Studio Life’ is a series produced by Mark Nicholas at Manhattan Beach Studios on the MBS Media Campus lot in Manhattan Beach, CA. It covers all topics related to video production, being a creative in the industry, and a selection of gear reviews. Both Erica and Mark have over 15 years of media experience, they want to help you achieve success in your start up podcast or even one that you’ve already started and continue to work on. They are about problem solving, growing in your craft, and how to do what you love well!

Starting a podcast can be difficult, especially without knowing all the resources, gear, and tools you can implement into your productions. Mark and Erica go over those very things, talk about what has worked for them and how technology and media keeps evolving over time. Watch this episode of ‘The Studio Life’ to gain knowledge and tips from these media experts.

YouTube: @ The Studio Life

Start a podcast with Manhattan Beach Studios!

Manhattan Beach Studios is a production studio in the South Bay that has created new, awesome, and interesting podcasts. Manhattan Beach Studios wants you to be prepared for life, work, and even death. In order to ensure that, we have started some podcasts such as ‘The Studio Life’ to help guide you! The host, Mark Nicholas, is well rounded and has a background in a variety of fields that makes his perception more valuable. Reach out to get started on your own podcast with the help from everyone over at Manhattan Beach Studios! We want to help you succeed and we want to hear from you!

For more information email: Claudia Elena / or Mark Nicholas /


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