Product Photography Basics With Manhattan Beach Studios

Product Photography Basics With Manhattan Beach Studios

Product Photography Basics with Manhattan Beach Studios

Mark Nicholas, owner of Manhattan Beach Studios, has taken well over 150,000 product images. Product photography is a passion and we can really get caught up in even the most simple products. We really know the business and wanted to share a few tips:

1. Sharp and Clear Images

Even if you’re having part of the photo going out of focus, where you are directing the viewer’s eyes should be in focus.

2. Focus Front and Back

Artistically, the client can decide how much of the image is going to be in focus. Have enough light to be able to achieve a complete front-to-back focus with a small aperture, use a lens designed to adjust the focal plane (a tilt-shift lens) or stack frames to achieve the perfect look.


3. Contouring and Shape

Use light in order to illustrate shape which may include shadow and reflection. Light used creatively helps create shape or it can eliminate it. Many clients like the flat look, while many others look for beautiful shadow or reflection. .

4. Diffusion

We use a wide range of external moderators in order to shape and spread light or block unwanted sources of light which is absolutely critical in product photography. While most images are shot with strobes, we do use constant lighting from time-to-time, especially if we are using textured projections, natural or projected light (window looks) or images which need to be light painted or carefully crafted with pinpoint lighting. We are lucky to have a wide-ranging collection of tools, modifiers and gels to allow us to achieve the perfect look.

5. Intentional Lines

For most product photography, we want lines to be perfectly vertical which requires that the camera is positioned perfectly level and parallel to the object. Whilst this can be achieved in post processing, many top photographers use tilt-shift lenses to achieve this.

6. Interesting Angle & Composition

The essence of photography starts by providing something that’s interesting and marketable. The photographer’s skills start with a good eye and attention to detail. This will give viewers creative perspectives of the product you’re shooting. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and take all of the time necessary, to get the ‘right’ look.

If you have any questions about product photography, feel free to give us a call today 310-727-2900 or visit us at

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