Preparing for a Professional Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch & More

Preparing for a Professional Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch & More

In this second part of our video series on live streaming, we discuss the different questions that we will need answered so that the live stream can be perfectly prepared and smoothly operated. Here we go!

Preparing for a Professional Live Stream

In this video, we talk about the agenda, script, graphics, effects, video and graphic/powerpoint slides and assets, call ins and more! First, check out the video!

The Professional Podcast and Livestream Look and Feel

A great live stream, podcast, video recording and video communication can be easy to do, but as you can see very difficult to prepare for. As we consider our projects, we look carefully at our goals, platform and approach, as well as the following critical elements:

  • The Agenda
  • The Script
  • Graphic Elements
  • Transitions and Stingers
  • Number of Cameras and Angles
  • Number of Speakers and Microphones
  • Slides
  • Teleprompter Requirements
  • Set Design
  • Lighting
  • and More!

In other words, the simple livestream can be simple, or actually quite complicated. With that said, we hope that this video offers some ideas for your consideration. Certainly let us know if we can help!

Recommended Gear for video from Home or Office

While we are happy to provide all the gear for you as part of our services, for those of you DIY’ers out there, here are a few suggestions – all of which can be easily tied into our systems:

Logitech C920 – (terrific, somewhat expensive, tripod ready)
Logitech C930 – (business/pro-grade webcam camera)
Desk Microphone – Blue Yeti – (highest recommended USB mic)
Audio Technica –

My winning top choice for in home, studio and on location work are the following :

Heil PR 40 – Senneiser 280P –
Combined with: Focusrite 2i2:
Audio Technica Broadcast Mic/Phone Combo: (with the Focusrite)

Who is Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas ( is the owner of Manhattan Beach Studios. He is a 30 year photographer and content professional and has worked with hundreds of artists and creative professionals through the years as a consultant, attorney and creative professional.

What is Manhattan Beach Studios

Manhattan Beach Studios ( is located in Manhattan Beach, CA on the MBS Media Campus movie lot ( The studio is equipped for high quality photography, videography and specialty work, and the live streaming/broadcast services are fully mobile and here to assist you in any way that we can. Let us help offer guidance or remotely run your show; and as you can see, we can even do it remotely. Thank you for watching, please subscribe and see you again!


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