MBS Studio Production Stage | Manhattan Beach Studios Team's Top Picks of the Best Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now
Manhattan Beach Studios team shares their top picks of tv shows to binge watch! If you're flipping through Netflix mindlessly looking for the next best show, our team here at our South Bay studio will give you the best recommendations on series to start watching today! Whether you're streaming on your smart TV or watching network TV, Mark Nicholas, Randall Simms and Nic Putnam have the best top shows that will get you hooked.
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Manhattan Beach Studios: The Best Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

Manhattan Beach Studios: The Best Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

Manhattan Beach Studios Team’s Top Picks Of Shows To Binge

Our team here at Manhattan Beach Studios has some pretty good taste in TV (if we don’t mind saying so).. If you’re spending hours flipping through Netflix looking for a good show or just need to be convinced on what to binge watch next, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at what Mark, Nic, Randall & Lauren are watching right now…who knows, it could be your next fave show!

South Bay Studio Team Shares Best Shows Right Now

Mark’s Currently Watching:

-Mindhunter (Netflix)

-Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

-The Office (re-runs)

Manhattan Beach Studios: Welcome Home, It’s Our Pleasure

What Randall’s Watching:

-Euphoria (HBO)

-Friends From College (Netflix)

-The Office (Reruns on Netflix)

-Modern Family (ABC)

-Dragon Ball Super (YoutubeTv or Amazon Prime)

-Attack On Titan

-Fate/Stay Night

-Sword Art Online

Best TV To Watch With Manhattan Beach Studios

What Nic’s Watching:

-Carnival Row (Amazon Prime)

-The Ranch (Netflix)

-The Boys (Amazon Prime)

-The Goliath (Amazon Prime)

What Lauren’s Watching:

-Succession (HBO)

-The Chi (Showtime)

-Mindhunter (Netflix)

-Bill Burr: Paper Tiger (Netflix Special)

Check out these shows and let us know what you think! We’d also love to hear what YOU’RE watching right now. Check out our site for more fun blogs and also follow us on social media for more exciting tips and news @manhattanbeachstudios.net

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