Manhattan Beach Studios: Virtual Graduations, Education & Business Live Streaming

Manhattan Beach Studios: Virtual Graduations, Education & Business Live Streaming

Our team at Manhattan Beach Studios is here to help during this crazy and busy time with virtual graduation, events, live streaming, 3D printing masks and so much more. Making sure businesses continue to grow and traditional events stay on track is our focus right now and we will see it through that you have a great experience (even during such a crazy time).

Sudden Changes, South Bay Studio Can Help!

We at the studio did not want to send an email early on in the process of this pandemic for fear of adding to the noise. We need everyone to stay healthy.

What is going on with us? With 3D printing capabilities we have finished our mask design and are now going into production. It won’t be a lot, but it’ll be some. We have done some important live streaming and are recording and distributing critical public governmental announcements starting this week. We are looking for other ways to help. Our mission has always been to help others succeed. Here are the things we are doing now and what we will continue to do to support our clients in this complex time:

The Best Virtual Graduations

We at Manhattan Studios offer incredible remote graduations. Let us help, at cost, to ensure that your students are able to have an impressive graduation ceremony even if the actual ceremony has been cancelled. We are building graphics and working with schools and universities to make remote graduation as beautiful as possible.

Free Educational, Governmental & Business Live Streams

Yes, that’s right. No charge for educational, governmental and remote business live streams. If you or your team is an educator, the Mayor, a Sheriff, let us live stream or record and upload you for no charge at all. You can live stream with us completely safe in your own home. Send us your graphics and we’ll take care of the rest. We are making sure we keep things safe during this time so we can make this easy and flexible while maintaining a healthy distance.

Start Strategic Planning NOW to Recover After COVID-19

Our team at Manhattan Beach Studios is always looking forward. Let’s come up with a plan to find success when the crisis is finally over. All of the procrastinating aside, let’s plan now and start the process so when we are ready – we can EXPLODE into gear. Planning is at no charge and no deposits required. We just want to help and we’ll get you ready to succeed when you’re back in action!

It’s A Video and Live Stream World Right now

We have always believed that video offers the best return on investment and is the most effective form of marketing. Our studio is unbelievably fast as we utilize specialized tools for live editing and graphics; all broadcast quality. This has been the future for a long time, and the last few weeks have proven the importance of great video. Let us help. Get started now for no charge and we’ll figure out how to use the best tools in the world to help you recover and succeed!

Give us a call today and let us know what we can do! 310-727-2900

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