Manhattan Beach Studios Launches Publishing Division!

Manhattan Beach Studios Launches Publishing Division!

Calling all authors! We are PUMPED to announce our publishing division has officially launched from Manhattan Beach Studios! Barely Lit Publications is the newest and best approach to not only publish your book, but to showcase original media content to make you the biggest success!

Manhattan Beach Studios Launches Publishing Division

Barely Lit Publications is not your everyday publisher, it’s SO much more! Barely Lit Publications believes in personal growth and development and creates content for artists and businesses. We believe that our purpose is not merely to get a book published, but to provide the tools to learn and implement changes. While we all need content that makes us better, the days of the traditional book are long gone. Barely Lit is a content company. They publish the material, but exist to generate content-videos, images, tutorials, Youtube shows and more. They’re here to provide the modern day author the tools necessary to ensure their success!

MBS Publishes Greatest books & Creates Content

Some of the best authors & creatives are wonderful clients (and friends) of Barely Lit Publications! Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller is launching his newest edition of ‘On Sports Photography.’ Not only has Barely Lit published Miller’s book but they’ve also created and generated social media content through videos, photos, workshops and a Youtube channel! Our own Mark Nicholas is not only the author of multiple books including ‘It’s (Not) Just Business’ but he’s also the founder of Barely Lit. The possibilities are endless when you work with Barely Lit Publications and our authors get the absolute best out of this experience!

New South Bay Publishing Company

Barely Lit wants relationships to extend beyond the book. Focused on helping you get the very most out of this is the ultimate goal. We’d like to meet in person and go over things step-by-step and share ideas and listen to your input. Barely Lit Publications is excited to show the world who YOU are and promote your work!

Email us or call us today and let’s get started: – 310.727.2900 –

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