Live Stream from home! working with Zoom, Skype, Facebook & YouTube

Live Stream from home! working with Zoom, Skype, Facebook & YouTube

This video is the second in our series on podcasting, live streaming, and broadcasting with Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. We are pleased to offer some thoughts on how to look and sound professional while shooting video, livestreaming and podcasts from your home webcam.

The Live Streaming from Home Challenge

This video helps prepare you for your livestream with professional quality from home, your office or anywhere you can imagine, whether on Zoom, Skype, Hangouts or direct with us at Manhattan Beach Studios. Live streaming and live recording and editing is a large part of our business and we are pleased to offer this overview in how to prepare for your on-camera experience. We do remote video and live streams and with the latest trend keeping us apart from one another, remote video and live streams is the core of our business.

We cover the basics, from camera, angle, background, lighting, set and more. Definitely drop us a note if you have any questions, comments or thoughts or if you have other video ideas!

Recommended Gear

While we do recommend pro gear for the professional look, some great cameras to get you started are:

Logitech C920 – (terrific, somewhat expensive, tripod ready)
Logitech C930 – (business/pro-grade webcam camera)
Desk Microphone – Blue Yeti – (wonderful and recommended USB mic)
Audio Technica –

My winning top choice is the : Heil PR 40 –
Senneiser 280P – Combined with:
Focusrite 2i2: OR the
Audio Technica Broadcast Mic/Phone Combo: (with the Focusrite) This video offers some guidance as to what constitutes good video; and offers advice as to your camera, audio and setup; perfect for Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and live streaming!

Who is Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas ( is the owner of Manhattan Beach Studios. He is a 30 year photographer and content professional and has worked with hundreds of artists and creative professionals through the years as a consultant, attorney and creative professional.

What is Manhattan Beach Studios

Manhattan Beach Studios ( is located in Manhattan Beach, CA on the MBS Media Campus movie lot ( The studio is equipped for high quality photography, videography and specialty work, and the live streaming/broadcast services are fully mobile and here to assist you in any way that we can. Let us help offer guidance or remotely run your show; and as you can see, we can even do it remotely. Thank you for watching, please subscribe and see you again!

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