Live Audio Noise Reduction with the Cedar DNS2

Live Audio Noise Reduction with the Cedar DNS2

Audio Noise Reduction for LIVE and FIELD video production:

Learn about live audio noise reduction to save your sound when you’re on location with the Cedar DNS2.

On Location Noise Reduction

Audio is the most important part of a quality production, and many creatives invest in expensive microphones and other sound equipment to ensure they can produce the best possible project. Yet, at times there can still be additional noise that takes away from the value of the production. To have your audio go bad, it can cost you the entire project,

Avoiding this at all costs is crucial, and Mark will guide you through problem solving multiple types of issues that can occur. In this episode Mark talks about identifying the unwanted noise, such as cars driving past or kids in the background, and how to fix it. He will also cover how unwanted noise can be avoided before you even begin, as well as how to work around your environment. He discusses different software and gear that will best suit your sound needs while also suiting your financial needs.

Using the Cedar Audio DNS 2:

When recording live, how can you fix your noise problems at that moment? Mark will go step by step with a Cedar Audio DNS2 mixer and show you the best ways to get your sound perfect. Hear the honest truth from a studio owner who uses the gear every day and follow along as he breaks down the good and the bad. Live productions can call for a lot of prep and set up time, you’ll also want to take into consideration the testing time. In this episode you’ll review gear and methods that can cut these time-consuming processes down, minimize your wires, and give you a set up that overall is easier to manage. Mark has used this gear himself in productions such as a live Roku Corporate training workshop, graduations, podcasts, live sporting events, and much more. Anything that could possibly go wrong with a live production, Mark has experienced and solved. Watching this episode and gaining more confidence in your sound production will only give you more time to put focus in other creative areas of your projects.

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