Hollywood reporter mentions manhattan beach studios

Thrilled to be included in the Hollywood Reporter article on Covid-19 and the new production world, Manhattan Beach Studios owner Mark Nicholas was interviewed and offered his short take.

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The Only Production Studio on the Lot

The text from the article that includes MBS is:

Within days in mid-March, soundstages in the U.S. went from bustling hubs to abandoned ghost towns as the novel coronavirus forced studios to shut down filming. “There is nothing like being the only person on a movie lot,” says Mark Nicholas, one of few people able to keep working at Manhattan Beach Studios in Southern California in order to assist in the live-streaming of local mayor and sheriff news addresses. “It’s deathly quiet and feels very much like The Walking Dead.”

4/9/2020 by Bryn Elise Sandberg

Mayors and Sheriffs

One core area of our work lately has been assisting in community messaging. Our broadcast with the Carson Sheriff was viewed more than 2,000 times within the first hour and our involvement with the City of Manhattan Beach has helped to establish a close relationship with the community. We are thrilled to be involved in helping in the small way that we are.

Our goal is to provide a great quality, interactive capability while maintaining a safe socially-distanced environment. With only one person involved in production, as well as a single moderator, we were able to engage in a fully interactive forum. A ton of questions were asked and answered and hopefully the residents were comforted in knowing that the city was carefully considering the welfare and safety of its residents.

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