Don’t be a Podcast Idiot – Podcasting Lessons from The Radio Days

Don’t be a Podcast Idiot – Podcasting Lessons from The Radio Days

Designing Your Podcast Show for Success

On this episode of The Studio Life we chat with Mike Whitehead, a broadcast radio personality who started his own highly successful radio show that rose to the top of the charts. We discuss what it takes to be successful and the techniques used by radio pros that should be learned by all podcasters.

In fact, the world hasn’t changed that much. We see podcasters who forget the amount of work and effort that goes into building the blocks of success. While cost of entry is nearly zero in the world of podcasting, this provides a false sense of security. In fact, podcast failure rates are tremendously high; in large part due to the fact that:

1. Most podcasts are not the host’s primary business;

2. Most podcasts do not do much more than record and release;

3. Most podcasts fail to attract interest and sponsors by working to build these relationships and synergies early on; and

4. Most podcasts never even get the chance for success, stopping long before they would have had a chance.

There are some huge lessons to learn – so don’t be just another failed podcaster. Join Mark and Mike on The Studio Life as they explore this amazing topic!


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