Color Correction Services

Color Correction Services

We color correct everything – and I mean everything. Sometimes it is as simple as balancing exposure and white balance, and on other occasions we smooth skin and create dramatic lighting effects. At this point we have decided to upgrade our color correction services as we become certified DaVinci Resolve trainers.

The Benefits of Color Correction

A film or video is simply the exposure of light onto a medium. Filmmakers and video pros are tremendously limited by what can be accomplished on a set in terms of the actual look that can be achieved. We don’t want to over or under expose our image, not just in terms of light but in any part of the color spectrum. If we over-expose we know that changes will be very difficult, and whites, blacks and certain colors will be so extreme that they will be displeasing to the eye. Lighting in front of a green screen is even more complicated as we know we need clear bright and even lighting, and good technique to avoid color casts and poor green screen keys – yet by doing so we know we are limiting our ability to create interesting looks in the camera.

So we turn to color correction to help balance our image, and to create mood, tone and emotion, to draw our viewers’ attentions to certain aspects of the image, and help to define the style of the film, video or series.

Color Correction to Accomplish Anything

Just a look at the before and after images here and the capabilities of color work is clear. Just note the blacks, whites, shadows, red intensity, magenta cast, and even the way the headlights turn into beams of light. The flat image has gone from blah to bam!

Where We Started in Color Correction

Our background in high-end color work started with the documentary on Boogaloo Shrimp (check it out on Amazon Prime). We were provided with a ton of random footage, everything from professional recordings, to cell phone video, to old VHS video recordings from 30 years ago. Our job was to balance the images creating something coherent. We didn’t try to create a complex look – merely create an overall balanced piece.

These days we use our experience to provide reasonably-priced color services to all clients. When we work on traditional videos, the color work is built in to every project. However, complex projects are right up our alley. So whether you are looking for some color help, or someone who can offer certified training and instruction, do not hesitate to reach out.

Who is Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas ( is the owner of Manhattan Beach Studios. He is a 30 year photographer and content professional and has worked with hundreds of artists and creative professionals through the years as a consultant, attorney and creative professional.

What is Manhattan Beach Studios

Manhattan Beach Studios ( is located in Manhattan Beach, CA on the MBS Media Campus movie lot ( The studio is equipped for high quality photography, videography and specialty work, and the live streaming/broadcast services are fully mobile and here to assist you in any way that we can. Let us help offer guidance or remotely run your show; and as you can see, we can even do it remotely. Thank you for watching, please subscribe and see you again!


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