Blackmagic Design Smart Video Hub Gear Review!

Blackmagic Design Smart Video Hub Gear Review!

Gear Review for Broadcasting and Livestreaming!

In this episode of ‘The Studio Life’, Mark Nicholas takes a deep dive into an OB Broadcast van in order to show creators how you can Live Stream anytime and anywhere. There are no limits to getting your live production done successfully and this tool will be an example of just that. Mark has been a studio owner for over 20 years and deal with Live Streams and Broadcasts every week. He spends a lot of his time remodeling this van in a way that will allow little to almost no set up time for a live production. He is always finding new gear that can reduce the number of wires around your workspace. Practically, you’d want to route your wires as quickly and efficiently as possible. He goes over a piece of gear that can reduce your set up time immensely which is the Blackmagic Design Smart Video Hub. Investing in a Smart Hub would only be beneficial to your live stream and this episode will go into detail of exactly what this device does and how it can benefit your production.

Blackmagic Design Smart Video Hub 40×40:

This device reviewed in this episode of ‘The Studio Life’ features 40 inputs and 40 outputs and includes video reference, redundant power connections and an elegant, machined metal front panel with large full HD LCD for monitoring and routing label display. Routing can be performed by direct button selection and the spin knob controller. This is the perfect piece of gear to simplify your workspace. It makes it easier to control our live broadcast production, leaving little room for error.

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