The Palos Verdes Peninsula Holiday Parade of Lights
Manhattan Beach Studios is pleased to have this chance to take your photo at the 22nd Annual Palos Verdes Peninsula Parade of Lights. If you would like a copy of your photos or for DVD and package purchase options, please visit:
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The Palos Verdes Peninsula Holiday Parade of Lights

We here at Manhattan Beach Studios were thrilled to provide professional photography and video on the parade route and at the award ceremony. Digital images and photography packages are available to purchase after the event with your Photo #. Checks and credit cards accepted. All checks should be made out to Manhattan Beach Studios.

The link to review and purchase photos from the event is:

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Holiday Parade of Lights DVD- $24.95



This DVD includes the entire parade as well as the awards ceremony. Custom products and holiday gifts are available!

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If you have any questions at all, for custom orders or anything else you can imagine, please don’t hesitate to contact us: or call us at 310.727.2900