Podcast, Audio & Video Show Services

Podcasting, Audio & Video Shows

Manhattan Beach Studios is the South Bay’s source for awesome podcasting – whether audio, video or both, let us help you to redefine your business with all our amazing audio and video marketing tools. When it comes to experience, we have produced thousands! We work daily with Podcast Services such as Buzzsprout, as well as YouTube, Facebook and private corporate networks. We can get your content exactly where it needs to be, when it needs to be there; looking exactly as you desire.  We know that your show is innovative and unique and we build our services to be as flexible as you. 

A Home for your Show

Key Features

Live Stream, Stream Live and Edit Options

We take extraordinary pride in our productions and ability to provide a top-quality product for a reasonable price. We are a fully self-contained facility and our expertise and experience allows us to produce broadcast-quality products and podcasts with small and highly efficient crew. We know our business so we can focus on your business. 


From one camera to many, you have a wide range of configurations to make your podcast exactly as you desire. We offer traditional cameras, 4k, remote operated Canon PTZ cameras and you can even utilize your webcam and cell phone. Your show your way! 

Amazing Sound

We have more audio equipment than you could think of! Our studio functions with the best AM radio microphones, broadcast headsets, and live/remote and wireless audio. 

Remote Monitoring

Utilize our systems to allow your clients and guests to view your recording and camera feeds remotely, whether on-site in another room or in another part of the world, we offer state-of-the-art monitoring and viewing solutions!

Add Graphics, Titles, Photos & Videos

From pictures, playlists, videos and motion graphics, your project can be designed to utilize anything you desire. We can help to design and integrate the content you desire, from sound effects, opening sequences and more. 

Picture-in-Picture and MultiView Sets

Design your screens exactly as you wish. Side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and as many camera feeds and inputs on screen as you desire.

Green Screen and Virtual Sets

With our live keying software, We can place you right into a virtual set live and in the moment. Whether you wish to be at a remote location or in studio, Our green screen and virtual sets are ready to go. 

Phone & Video Call-ins

Take phone calls and video feeds just like the major networks – even if your guest only has a cell phone, from the remote corners of the world we can include them in your show.

Show Automation

Pre-build your show so you can fully automate your event practically start to finish. Control cameras, titles and audio all from the push of a single button.

Interactive Presentations

Integrate screen captures, PowerPoint, slideshows, interactive slides and more as you work to inform, entertain and educate your audience.

Automated Camera Moves and Slides

Whether you want to have a moving camera for an interview or a set of complex moves and positions moving camera position, direction and focus/zoom at the push of a button, we can set up your event to meet your exact goals. 

30+ Years of Expertise

With experience ranging from major tours to major shows, we are a small and very nimble crew capable of driving studio, cameras, lights and audio with great confidence at reasonable cost.


  • Audio/Video DIY

  • $125/hr
    • Audio +
    • Pro Camera(s)
    • Pro Lighting
    • Live Streaming Services
    • Create/Bring your own Graphics & Titles
  • Single Pro Add-On

  • $250/hr
    • Pro Technician
    • Sound, Light and Camera Tech
    • Assist with Live Graphics and Titles
    • Perfect for 90% of Shows **
    • Full Service
  • Killer Production!

  • $375/hr
    • Full Studio/Gear/Crew
    • Assist with Live Graphics and Titles
    • Sound, Lights, Camera
    • Distribution services
    • PA - Assistant
    • Fully customizable 

***Prices do not include special circumstances, talent, wardrobe, makeup, additional specialty requirements, parking, etc. We can consult in all aspects of your concept and help build a production that is always production-ready.