Live Recording, Streaming and Promotion

Audition Videotape Services

We offer a wonderful,all-inclusive space for anyone in need of recording a monologue or casting/auditions. With professional cameras, audio/microphones and streaming to remote coaches, directors and agencies. and our decades of experience, all from the comfort of our private soundstage, we are on your side. Whether you’re an actor coming in for a videotaped audition or a casting agency or client conducting auditions, come on in. Chairs, tables, monitor, camera, audio, internet, water and coffee all included!

Video Audition Tapes

You focus on your performance. We’ll take care of the rest!

Audition Tape Pricing

Basic Pricing

Setup Fee – $20

Each 15 Minute Block – $24

Per car on lot – $15 (Excl. Nights & Weekends)


Client Instructed Edit w Slate -FREE

Teleprompter – $40 Setup

Special Editing Services – $75/hour

Priority Service

Next in Queue – $40