Animation & Specialty Work

Animations & Specialty Work

We are innovators when it comes to animation, particularly in the world of product and camera rotation. To that point, we hold the patent for our invention: The Photo Crony; a tool designed to make product rotation perfect and easy.  We utilize a variety of software packages to render and develop final web animations. Whether you need a product tour, or an interactive tour of real estate, or a cool camera effect, we can get the job done for you!

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We Invented the Wheel!

The Photo Crony was invented, and patented, by Manhattan Beach Studios’ and its owner Mark Nicholas. The unit solves many of the most significant problems of product animation, including perfectly timed rotation, fixed increments, repeatability, computer-controlled and easily animated. Whether this if for product tours, look-ins or camera rotations, our system is one-of-a kind and completely rocks! 

High Speed, Micro, Splash & More!

With a variety of triggers and some of the most technologically advanced flashes in the world, we are capable of cosmetic, splash and other high speed photography up to an astounding 2,000,000th of a second. As one of only a handful of studios in the world housing this capability, there is no endeavor we are not well positioned to try!

On the video side of things, we are able to provide a high speed camera (frame rates up to 20,000 frames per second and a shutter speed up to 100,000th of a second! This adds production and flexibility to any video shoot and allows for incredible content as part of any marketing or social media campaign.