We are an amazingly capable facility with tools ranging from traditional studio photography, location work, aerial and high precision tools. We love being a part o your team, in whatever way you desire -- not merely pushing a button but willing to enthusiastically become a part of the process, a passionate partner when you request, and a support member all of the time - and always a problem solver. We really mean it when we say: “Let us see how we can help you.”

Photography in the LA area is pretty awesome! We have the most beautiful beaches, mountains and urban settings and there are literally thousands of amazing places to make great photos. We can shoot at night in downtown, head out to the desert for portraits, provide aerial photography and shoot, edit and deliver from practically any location. Your home or business might actually be one of the best places for your next session. We can pretty much shoot anywhere you can imagine.

Purpose-Driven Photography

At Manhattan Beach Studios, we believe that the time and inconvenience of capturing images and creating content can be remarkably low when compared to the years of use and return on investment. Particularly in today's online world, when single images can revolutionize and define an entire existence, a refined image can make a tremendous impact in a business' success.

We call our process of taking images: Purpose-Driven Photography; focusing on the potential end-products right from the outset. Whether we are shooting for head shots, prints, web-ready animations, photo book layouts or more, we work to future-proof your investment.

Manhattan Beach Studios - Mark Nicholas - Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

We use a variety of tools to achieve those awesome high angle shots. We have been getting high angles since long before the drone with the use of poles, kites, balloons and more. That said, when something more interesting is desired, we use our high-end drone with the capability to view and control images live on the ground - and easily work with additional camera operators and art directors.


Manhattan Beach Studios - Mark Nicholas - Event Photography

Event Photography

We enjoy bringing a sense of place, experience and emotion to capture your event. Approaching events in an unconventional manner we are able to consider not only standard techniques but also long exposures, time lapse, remote cameras, aerial and more to create truly memorable images. Our style is not just traditional, but also is a way to gather previously unimaginable images; and we use a variety of tools ranging from remote cameras, time lapse and much more.


Manhattan Beach Studios - Mark Nicholas - Portrait Photography

Portraits and Headshots

Individual and corporate headshots are approached creatively rather than assembly line.  Our goal is to capture personality and character, with portraits loaded with confidence and approachability - seeking something magical. Whether we are shooting you, your family or your employees, sports teams or school photos we will strive to make your portrait something truly special.


Manhattan Beach Studios - Mark Nicholas - Product Photography

Product Photography

Product photography comes in all shapes and sizes, and Manhattan Beach Studios is your perfect solution for your general product work. We are expert is splash and high speed, product lighting and more, and work well with editors, art departments and business owners to provide products and benefits for years to come. I even invented the patent pending Photo Crony, a platform allowing for easy and quick manipulation, animation and rotation of products for creating amazing interactive presentations.


Manhattan Beach Studios - Mark Nicholas - Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photography means representing a property in its best light. We are able to get in and out, delivering high quality images and brochures quickly. We use specialty gear including our lights, tilt-shift lenses and leveling heads to reduce time and increase quality, and can often capture, edit and deliver images within just a couple of hours.

We also create 360 property tours with a wide variety of amazing features. Contact us to check out a demo!


Manhattan Beach Studios - Mark Nicholas - Print and Ad

Print and Ad Work

The advertisement and high fashion pieces designed to sell product or image are among our favorite projects. We love working with teams or by ourselves pushing our creative boundaries. Our images are designed to reach for creative opportunities and would be just as beautiful on billboards as in magazines. We routinely capture more than 50 megapixel images for incredible sharpness and clarity.


Sports Baby!

Sports Photography

We can have a great time shooting a wide variety of sports, including football, baseball, swimming, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey and so much more. We bring not only a love of game, but also the same gear used to shoot professional and Olympic sports. Specifically, I shoot Canon 1dX II and 1dX and use the 400mm 2.8 and 200-400 (560)mm, 135 f2 and other pro sports lenses when possible. If you are looking for the magical award-winning image please contact us.

Sports Brochure: — PDF Download —


High Speed and Ballistic Photography

High Speed Photography

Stop a speeding bullet at 1/2,000,000th of a second? Capture a video of water flowing over your logo at 5,000 frames per second? With our extreme lights and cameras we are able to do just that.

We are able to achieve phenomenal detail of splashes, explosions and much more. We use specialized gear, triggers and flashes to capture these incredible still images at up to 1/2,000,000th of a second (the image at the left was captured at 1/250,000th/sec), and use the Edgertronic Camera for natural shutter speeds up to 1/200,000th of a second and video frame rates of up to 17,000 frames per second. 


Time Lapse Photography

With our triggers and various techniques we are able to create beautiful timelapses; whether of your event, project, construction or anything else that might help you share your product, experience or event. We use a variety of tools to create motion and change throughout in addition to time mechanical sliders, etc., and work to smooth out color and lighting variations to create beautiful, flowing videos that you can use. We plan carefully to plan shoot to achieve your desired look.


And More!

Photo Booths; School/Athlete Photography. I approach schools, athletic programs and other “volume” shoots with the same passion as I do with individual portraits. In many cases, the school photo is the only ‘real' photo that a family receives each year, and I work hard to ensure that each and every family doesn't just receive another image off the assembly line. Contact us and we can even schedule holiday family shoots and much more.  We also work with PTAs and other not-for-profit organizations for fundraising and other community goals.

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