There are some issues with video alignment.  We are working on resolving the issues and will get this fixed ASAP.  Seriously.  Not like "coming soon" that can last a while.  Like almost now soon.  Check back.  It'll rock!

Commercial Videos

Here is an example of a commercial video that was constructed by the Studio and two for the Photo Crony. We'll present more of these videos but for now we were hoping to offer a small taste of what is possible.

Family Videos

In lieu of showing client videos, here are a couple of my own that are edited to preserve these moments in time. One is a pretty post-wedding "slideshow" and the other is a pre-wedding video as a tribute to family and life. A well crafted video, edited and set to music, is something that can be enjoyed for life. Another true passion is taking videos of different folks in our lives (my father and my aunt (who survived the Holocaust) to help preserve family history as well as video wills and special wishes/tributes. Enjoy!

MBS to add: Nature, Timelapse, Aerial, etc. (livingaboard edit)

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