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Panorama tours can be easy to assemble and tremendously beneficial when it comes to showing a place of business, restaurant, real estate for sale or rent or banquet hall (or anything else for that matter). Interactions are easier, the quality of customer/client is increased and everything is more efficient when there is existing familiarity.

When it comes to features, tours can be combined with live footage, photo galleries, multiple floor plans, maps, images, videos, pdfs, narration and more to give visitors all the information that they'll need. Multiple tours can be linked to allow a complete walk-through experience. Finally, you can embed your tour into any web page and even build a website around your tour.

Here are a small handful of these panoramas and tours as a simple example of what can be easily accomplished:

Neyland Stadium

Neyland Football Stadium (Tennessee)

Neyland Stadium was considered by the Sporting News as the nation's #1 college football stadium in 2001, all before the $136 million series of renovations. The structure is a work of art, beautiful outside and in.

I had the privilege of standing at mid-field during the coin toss. I shoot fast and was done in a matter of seconds with enough time to photograph the actual coin toss and marvel at the magic and the feeling of honor to be standing at that spot at that very moment.

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Oakland Colisseum

On the Mound in Oakland

I had the unique opportunity to step onto the mound during the National Anthem with the amazing Michael Zagaris (Z-man) not far behind so that I could take this photo. It is a composite of eight 50-megapixel images. You can look down and see the grains of sand, and straight up to the heavens. This was among the most amazing experiences of my life.

It is thanks to the brilliant Peter Read Miller who helped pose the question and the Oakland A??™s organization for allowing me the wonderful privilege.

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Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel

One of the most wonderful settings for weddings and spirituality is nestled in a grove of redwood treas in the quiet of Palos Verdes. Inspired by Lloyd Wright sits the Wayfarers Chapel and gardens overlooking the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. My time at the chapel was very short, but I was able to capture a collection of images and a few panoramas that should certainly inspire a visit.

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Redondo Beach Little League

Redondo Beach Little League Baseball Fields

This tour was prepared to assist families and players in helping them prepare for the various fields used by the Redondo Beach Little League. Tours include aerial panoramas, and on-field tours to help players avoid surprises.

The potential for this tour is still at its inception. We may decide to tag everything from parking to each item of interest in and around the fields. Keep tuned and see where we go from here!

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Real Estate Demo

Real Estate For Sale Tour Demo

There is perhaps no more important tool for photography and virtual tours as there is in real estate (although restaurants, rooms for rent and banquet halls come in a very close second). The real estate tour helps the agent be more efficient by helping to ensure that clients know many of the details  of a property (e.g., label granite counter tops, storage square feet and key descriptions), and maps and floor-plans can include everything from special features to local amenities (such as by pointing out the local school, theater and supermarket).

When various tours are linked and photography is integrated, homes can really come alive. Please let me know if I can help with photography and some awesome virtual tours.

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