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September 26, 2017

Manhattan Beach Studios Construction

The Buildout Continues

We are so pleased to continue to build our infrastructure so that we can maximize every last bit of space. In the last couple of weeks we added electricity, plumbing and shelving. We are organizing and streamlining. So yeah... I know that this is a crappy boring picture. It's wood shelves. But they're our wood shelves. So to us, they are beautiful. To you, they will greatly help with our organization. 

We're wired in.

Our knowledge of music engineering is impressive when compared to most in the video business. Mark has worked with artists such as Meatloaf and 10,000 Maniacs and has assisted in construction of one of the most amazing cutting edge recording facilities ever. This has translated into a streamlined process for audio recording, and the new system will make a world of difference. Organization, speed and clutter. Everything is better.

To our clients, this should be invisible. It's complicated and there are wires no matter what, but we can do our best to avoid clutter, add simplicity and streamline as best as possible.

So yeah, this is a very boring photo. But what underlies these shelves will make all the difference.

So come over and check us out!

Oh... and if you're around October 8th and want to check out one of the most amazing traveling songwriter/guitarists in the business, we're hosting the incredible jack Williams as one of our in-house concerts. Love to see you!

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