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October 16, 2016

I have been spending a fair bit of time building and inventing tools to assist with my camera remotes.  Apart from some silly little buttons, this is my first post on this.   

These remote setups can be complicated, intermittent and expensive. I'll share more over time on how to set up remotes, various tools and ideas - both in terms of finding economical solutions as well as sky-is-the-limit options. The truth is that a remote is only 

Camera Remotes

Camera remotes are some of the most important tools for the professional sports photographer. They serve a lot of needs - 

1. They are a second (and third) photographer.  Free labor although there is some set up cost.

2. They let you shoot where you are not allowed or able to shoot from (inside goals, above rims, behind nets).

3. They allow for super-human shots (directly overhead).

4. They are super cool.

As I mentioned, I've been inventing little tools to help in this regard, and I look forward to sharing. If you're interested, please stay tuned.  

The World Series of Beach Volleyball Remote

This particular remote was a bit hit-and-miss.  It worked brilliantly through the day and into the evening of the semi-finals. There were complications on Gold Medal day with the national broadcast and incredible hype, and for safety reasons (including for the safety of my gear), I ended up pulling the equipment before the final two matches.

In any event, I am pleased to share this little setup. My camera was the 7dII and the 16-35 lens so my effective width was still pretty wide. Our shutter speed was something like 10 frames a second (I think in actuality it was about 6 fps). 

Here is the video:

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